In our experience we have found that the Medicare plans will affect mainly 4 typical concerns:
1) Your COST  2) Your  BENEFITS, 3) Your Choice of PROVIDERS, and 4) CONVENIENCE.
Below includes a few quick ideas when choosing a plan.

COST – what you are responsible to pay for
It is best to seriously think about what you can afford.  Other than your PREMIUM and your Part B, you could be responsible to pay for additional cost through your health Plan.  Private companies can vary and Premium may go up as you get older.  Please also, consider the following:
  Non-Covered Benefits (such as: prescriptions, vision, dental or long term care, to name a few)
  You and your spouse must purchase a policy seperately

BENEFITS/COVERAGE – what the plan provides
Not all plans have the same benefits.  YOU HAVE THE CHOICE to choose from Original Medicare supplement or what we consider TRADITIONAL MEDICARE PLAN (also known as a Medigap Policy) or a MEDCARE ADVANTAGE PLAN.  Please consider the following:
  will reflect standardized coverage - throughout our states, they are recognized by letters A-L (not all companies offer all letters)
  you may consider purchasing separate coverage for Non-Covered Benefits
  is not standardized and will vary in benefits and coverage
  may include Non-Covered Benefits (such as: prescriptions, vision and dental)

PROVIDERS - doctors or facilities where you will receive medical treatment

To many, their choice of doctors and hospitals are very important.  When you plan to go to a provider, you should be clear if your Medicare’s Plan has stipulations.  Please consider the following:

  does your Provider accept your plan
  is a referral necessary
  if you can see any Provider of your choice

CONVENIENCE - your time
Please consider the following:
  if your plan’s benefits are available where you travel
  are the offices or location to your Providers close by
  some plans require a referral or authorization that must be obtained

Please call us or refer to our other tabs for additional information.  We strongly recommend that you refer to the official government handbooks and publications offered by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for more details.   www.medicare.gov  1-800-252-9240.
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