Why consider a Traditional Medicare plan also, known as a “Medigap plan” or a “Medicare Supplement policy?”  Truly, most find they enjoy the Freedom to choose their own doctors and hospitals and the Simplicity of covered benefits.  This is an advantage for those who travel across the United States.

FREEDOM OF PROVIDERS providers who accept assignment
Unlike other plans, Medigap plans open a floodgate of providers without referrals, copays or deductibles.  Providers through out the United States, who accept assignment (Medicare’s approved amount) may charge an excess charge which is covered under plans F, G, I, and J (*see standardized chart for details).

SIMPLICITY OF BENEFITS – standarized benefits
For your protection, every Medigap policy must follow Federal and state laws.  Although a few states offer Medigap policies that are standarized in a different way, most are not.  They are based on the plan you choose, which are options A through L, and the benefits/coverage does not vary.  Premiums per company can differ pending on certain criteria.  In a nutshell, lets say you and your neighbor have chosen plan C, your benefits are the same but your premiums are different because each of you have selected a different company to purchase your policy. 

  If you are not under a guarantee issue right, medical underwriting may pertain
  Premiums are based on certain criteria such as age, gender and your area
  Prescription Coverage is NOT a covered benefit
  You and your spouse must purchase a policy separately
  Disabled persons are limited to plans and not all states offer them
  The most concerned Non Covered expense include: Dental, Eye exams, Foot care, Hearing aids, Insulin and Physical exams
  Out of pocket cost are not limited

You and your spouse must purchase a policy seperately

Please call us or refer to our other tabs for additional information.  We strongly recommend that you refer to the official government handbooks and publications offered by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for more details.   www.medicare.gov  1-800-252-9240.
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